Who can come to India during COVID?

Government of India has willingly introduced a number of restriction on electronic Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) in order to protects its citizens from the spread of COVID. This blanket rule to prevent Indian Visa Application (eVisa India) was applicable for all categories and Types of Indian Visa, including Indian Tourist Visa, Indian Business Visa and Indian Medical Visa.


This halt of Visa for India was followed by stopping all international airlines to India. Indian citizens are also amongst the persons who are not able to visit India on Indian Visa Online (eVisa India). Recently, the Government of India has made a public release that Engineers, Doctors, Technicians and Professionals can now come to India from June 2020 on Urgent Indian Visa during COVID.

Many people have made complaints that Government of India should allow stranded residents to come back to India as they do not have the financial wherewithal to stay overseas. They are requested to contact Indian High Commission rather than apply for visa on this website.

Non-essential travel is to be avoided until June 2020, there will need to be a 14 day quarantine period for those arriving to Indian on Indian Visa Online (eVisa India).

How can Indian Visa be extended?

If you have come to India on Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) and your stay has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances like ill health, pandemic (such as COVID), business reasons or any other family urgency, then you can contact FRRO for extending your Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) at https://indianfrro.gov.in/frro/

Who Can Come to India - Visa Policy

Can I leave Indian can come back into India?

If your Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) is valid for multiple entry or more than single entry, then you are eligible to come back to India for the original intent and purpose. If you intent and purpose has changed from Tourism to Business or vice-versa then you must apply for a new Indian Visa Application and select the new reason for travel to India.

Who is allowed to enter India during COVID?

People who are coming on Projects, and Technical work are eligible to come to India even during COVID on Indian Visa Online (eVisa India).

Are infants and children who are born overseas come to India without a Visa?

No, even if children have Indian Parents, the children are not eligible to come on foreign passport. Children of Indian Parents require a Type of Indian Visa depending on the purpose of visit. More often than not a 5 Year Indian Visa for Tourism application would be most suitable for children.

Are Bhutan and Maldives citizens allowed to come to Indian without a Visa?

Maldives nationals require an Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) and cannot come without one.

Are OCI (Overseas Citizens of India) allowed to enter India?

Yes, OCI are allowed to enter India. Special evacuation flights were booked by Indian Government for the citizens, but these flights could not be availed by all Indian residents. This is a humanitarian crisis, as such, there has been relaxation for OCI card holders.

Citizens of United States, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, France and Italy quality for Indian Visa. Contact Indian Visa Centre for guidance and queries or email [email protected]