Indian Visa Application Process


India Visa Application Form was a paper based form until 2014. Since then, majority of travellers and avail the benefits of online application process. Common questions regarding the Indian Visa Application, as to who needs to complete it, the information required in the application, duration it takes to complete, any preconditions, eligibility requirements, and payment method guidance is already provided in detail at this link.

Indian Visa Application Process

There are following steps in the Indian Visa Application Process:

  • Step 1: You complete Indian Visa Application Form.
  • Step 2: You make payment using any of the 135 currencies using Credit Card, Debit Card, Cheque, Wallet, Paypal depending on your country.
  • Step 3: You provide any additional details required.
  • Step 4: You get an electronic Indian Visa online (eVisa India).
  • Step 5: You go to airport.

Exceptions: In a small minority of cases we may contact you during the Indian Visa Application Process such as when you have lost your passport, re-applied for visa when you current Indian Visa was still valid, or to ask more details regarding the purpose of your visit as required by the Immigration Office of the Government of India.
Note 1: In no stage of the application process you are required to go to Indian High Commission or Indian embassy.
Note 2: You should NOT go to the airport until the outcome of India Visa Application Process has been decided. In vast majority of cases the outcome is Successful with status of GRANTED.

Indian Visa Application Process

What details are required in Indian Visa Application Form?

Personal details, Passport details, Character and past criminal offence details are required before making the payment.
After successful payment has been made, additional details are required depending on the type of Visa you have filed and the duration of visa. India Visa Application Form changes based on the type and duration of your visa.

What is the process for getting an Indian Visa?

The process is to apply online, make a payment, provide any additional details. Any additional details required by you will be asked in an email that you registered on this website. You can securely provide additional details by clicking the link in the email.

Does Indian Visa require my family details as a part of India Visa Application Form?

After making the payment family details, spouse and parents details will be required in most of the cases.

If I am coming for Business to India, what details does India Visa Application Form require from me?

If you are visiting India for a commercial or business venture, then you will be asked for details of the Indian company, name of a reference in India and your visiting card/business card. For more details on eBusiness Visa visit here.

If I am coming for Medical Treatment to India, are there any other considerations or requirements in India Visa Application Form?

If you are visiting India for Medical Treatment then a letter is required from the hospital on the hospital letterhead stating the purpose of your visit, the medical procedude, date and duration of your stay. For more details on eMedical Visa visit here.

If you required nurse or medical attendant or family member to assist you, then the same can also be mentioned on the letter. A medical attendant visa is also available.

What should I expect after completing Indian Visa Application online?

After you have completed your Indian Visa Application Form, you should allow 3-4 business days for the decision to be made. Most decisions are made in 4 days with some taking up to 7 days.

Is there anything I need to do after submitting Indian Visa Application form?

If there is anything that is required from you then our Help Desk team will contact. If there is any further information required by the Immigration Officers of the Government of India, then our help desk team will get in touch with you by email in the first instance. You do not need to take any action.

Will you contact me after I have submitted my India Visa Application?

We may not contact you in most of the cases except to send you a Granted India Visa Application outcome. We may not contact you in all cases.

In a small percentage / minority of cases we may contact you if you photograph of face is not clear and does not comply with the India Visa Photo Requirements.

What if I want to change information in my India Visa Application Form after submission?

If you realise that you have made a mistake in your application, then you can contact us Help Desk. Depending on the stage that your application is in, it may be possible to amend the details.

Can I change my Tourist Visa to Business Visa and vice versa after filling out the India Visa Application Form?

After the India Visa Application Form has been submitted, you can get in touch with our Help Desk, usually if your request is more than 5-10 hours after submitting your application, it may be too late as a general guidance. However, you can get in touch with our Help Desk and they can consider modifying your application.

Ensure that your photograph of face meets these requirement as required by the Government of India. Your passport scan copy also must be clear and legible, too light, blurred, too dark, cut off, noisy, hazy, images with flash will not be accepted for the passport scan.

Read more about India Visa Photo Requirements.

Read more about India Visa Passport Requirements.

Ensure that you have checked the eligibility for your India eVisa.

United States citizens, United Kingdom citizens, Canadian citizens and French citizens can apply online for India eVisa.

Please apply for a India Visa 4-7 days in advance of your flight.