India Visa for Business travellers (eBusiness Indian Visa)

In the past, getting an Indian Visa has proven to be challenging task for a great many visitors. India Business Visa has been more challenging to get approval than the ordinary India Tourist Visa (eTourist India Visa). This has been simplified now into a straightforward 2 minute online procedure by innovative use of technology, payment integration and backend software. All process is now online without requiring the traveller to leave their home or office.

Refer to this link for completing your application online.

Citizens from United States, United Kingdom, Canda, Australia and France are amongst the nationalities allowed to complete this process online.

Numerous tourists or business visitor don't have the foggiest idea that Indian Visa can be applied completely on the web without ever visiting any Indian embassy or a physical Indian Government office. Business Visa for India can likewise be applied on the web. In the past India Visa applicants regularly visited Indian government offices, or Indian embassy offices, and spent numerous hours of the day holding up in lines, burning through their valuable time.

There are illegitimate websites that sell India Visa, which are not reliable or overcharge customers. Some of these website require over an hour to complete application for visa to India. On this website, however, if you apply for Official India Government Business Visa or Tourist Visa, the entire process to start to finish is roughly 2-3 minutes.

You can complete Indian Visa through the comfort of your PC at home or office. The sophisticated back office systems have changed the manner in which Indian Visas are being delivered to the visitors to India. Our back office systems are extremely advanced with biometric checks, optical character recognition and magnetic readable zone from passports ensure that no human errors creep in, in your application. Even if you may have made the mistake of entering incorrect passport number, this sophisticated software detects the error from the actual image of the passport.

A straightforward mix-up in characters in name or surname can bring about dismissal of the Indian visa application by migration officers. 1 of the essential advantages of software and artificial intelligence based self-healing and self-correction systems in place in the backend of this website is that of manual data errors introduced as a result of human input from passport, photo, business card is corrected and avoided which generally bring about dismissal of the application. Business travellers to India who require India Business Visa (eBusiness India Visa) can ill afford to cancel or delay their important trip because of a minor negligence.

Business Visa for India is available here.

India Visa Business Travellers

Reasons for Business Visit on eBusiness Indian Visa

  • For selling some goods or service in India.
  • For purchase of goods or services from India.
  • For attending technical meetings, sales meetings and any other business meetings.
  • To set up industrial or business venture.
  • For the purposes of conducting tours.
  • To deliver lecture/s.
  • To recruit staff and hiring local talent.
  • Allows participation in trade fairs, exhibitions and business fairs.
  • Any expert and specialist for a commercial project can avail of this service.
  • To participate in sports related activity.

Indian immigration officers have zero room for blunders that relate to mismatch of details from travel document or passport. As per past historical analysis of data, around 7%of candidates make a mistake in composing essential details, for example, their identification number, visa expiry date, name, date of birth, surname and or their first / middle name. This is a very standard statistic across the industry. The software used the backend of our website ensures that no such error occurs and passport is read and matched against candidates input in the Indian Visa form.

An India eVisa, India electronic travel approval, or eTA for India permits residents of 180 nations to venture out to India without requiring a physical stepping on the identification. This new sort of approval is called eVisa India (or electronic India visa).

An Indian eVisa enables guests to remain in India for up to 180 days inside the country. This Indian Visa can be utilized for the following reasons behind amusement, recreation, touring, business visits or medical treatment.

The individuals who apply for an eBusiness Indian Visa (Business Visa for India) online through this website are not required to make an arrangement / appointment or physical personal visit at the Indian High Commission or nearby office at the Indian Embassy / Consulate.

This Indian Business Visa doesn't require a physical stamp on the visa. Applicants can keep the PDF or soft copy of India Visa, dispatched electronically by email, on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop, or alternatively keep a physical print out before boarding plane or cruise vessel.

Payment for India Visa for Business (eBusiness Indian Visa) Payment

Business travellers can make payment for their India Visa for Business using cheque, Debit Card, Credit card or a PayPal account.

Other types of electronic India Visa also available online are e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa, e-Medical Visa, e-MedicalAttendant Visa, e-Conference Visa from this website via online method.

The must-have requirements to get Business Visa for India are:

  1. A passport that is valid for 6 months from the date of first arrival in India.
  2. A working and valid Email ID
  3. Debit Card or Credit Card or Paypal Account

Documents required for India Visa for Business (eBusiness Indian Visa)

Candidates are additionally required to either upload or email their face photograph and passport photo, these photos can be either scanned or taken from mobile phone.

Refer to documentation required for Indian Visa.

After a successful payment has been made by the applicants in regards to their Business India Visa, they will be sent a link by email to upload the attachments. Note that you can also email in case you are not able to upload attachments; this link is sent only after successful payment has been made in respect of your application.

Attachments can be any format, such as JPG, PNG or PDF. There is limitation of size if it is uploaded to this website.

Business Visa for India is issued in usually 4 to 7 business days. Business travellers will be asked to provide their business card or email signature. In addition, the business visitors should have their website address and the website address of the Indian organisation they are visiting available with them. India Visa for business passengers is very simplified and straightforward with the advent of electronic facilities on this website. The rejection rate is negligible.

Citizens from 180 countries can now avail the benefit of online filing of Indian Visa application for business purposes as per the statutes of Indian Government. It should be noted that tourist visa is not valid for business trips to India. A person may hold both tourist and business visa at the same time as they are mutually exclusive. A business trip to requires an Indian Visa for Business. Visa to India restricts the activities that can be performed.

Ensure that you have checked the eligibility for your India eVisa.

United States citizens, United Kingdom citizens, Canadian citizens and French citizens can apply online for India eVisa.

Please apply for a India Visa 4-7 days in advance of your flight.