The end of COVID for Indian Tourism Industry

Indian Government is finally opening up the border for Indian Tourist Visa and now the global tourists from India eVisa Eligible countries can apply for Indian Tourist Visa in 2021 as nearly 80% of the country is vaccinated.

Following the COVID protocol the Indian Visa has been banned for nearly two years. International flights have already started operation in India and looking forward to relaxation of COVID restriction. As of September 2021 only Indian Business Visa and Indian Medical Visa have been operational for business and health tourism for India. Recreation industry has taken the most hit of all industries, especially the hotels, guides and restaurants in India.

Air Bubble Arrangements

At the moment India has Air Bubble arrangements with a few countries, The restrictions commenced in March 2020, International charter flights frequent places like Goa and Mumbai to bring tourists to India. Stakeholders of Tourism Industry in India have made a plea to the Government to open up the borders.

Taj Mahal new record

On the 4th of October 2021 a new record was broken for the two year maximum visitors to Taj Mahal. This record has been made despite the fact that foreign tourists have not yet participated in the Visit.

Indian Visa Application will allow foreigners from over 180 countries to apply for Indian Tourist Visa in 2021 ending the drought for the tourism industry of India. India is home to sixth highest number of world heritage sites providing an unparalleled insight into human history and tapestry of civilization.

Indian Tourist Visa to open - Taj Mahal

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Citizens of many countries including Portugese citizens, Spanish citizens, New Zealand citizens, Australian citizens and German citizens are eligible to apply for Indian e-Visa.