Best Indian Beaches for Tourists arriving on Indian Visa Online

In this post we cover a selection of five top beaches in India other than Goa. We cover Lakshadweep, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Orissa beaches for Indian Tourist Visa holders who come on Indian Visa Online (eVisa India).

Most people immediately think of Goa when thinking of beaches in India but India’s coastline is actually populated by many more beaches than just those in Goa. Goa might attract the largest number of tourists to its beaches every year but there are many more places in India that can boast of the most beautiful and serene beaches of their own. These beaches are found on both India’s west coast and east coast. If you are thinking of holidaying in India consider one of its beaches where you are sure to have a grand time with the combination of the waters, the sand, the breeze, and the blue skies turning it into the most scenic vacation ever. Here is a list of some of the best beaches in India other than those in Goa that you could spend a short vacation at.

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Other Tourist Places in India for Tourists

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Bangaram Island in Lakshadweep

India Visa Bangaram Island in Lakshadweep

This is the largest but least explored island among the chain of islands that comprises Lakshadweep. The pristine blue waters of the Indian Ocean, the colourful coral reefs and the rich sea life which includes dolphins, sting rays, and turtles, and the sandy beaches on the island are a treat to sore eyes. To top all of that, the island is very sparsely populated and is pretty much like a private beach. Spend a quiet, isolated vacation here, staying at its one and only beach resort. Whether you laze around, just take in the sights, or partake in water sports for instance, you are bound to have a great time at this one of a kind island.


Varkala Beach in Kerala


India Visa Varkala Beach in KeralaThis beach in the coastal town of Varkala in Kerala is probably the quietest beach you would come across in Kerala. It is surrounded by a large expanse of the Arabian Sea as well as rocky cliffs of Kerala. The beach has two parts, the northern one being famous for a sacred Hindu temple, and the southern one being more famous with tourists with its beautiful natural mineral spring. The water of this beach is considered to be holy and even medicinal. The beauty of this beach is truly unparalleled and you could spend a serene day here full of solitariness. The beach is also known for its eating joints with delicious sea food.


Paradise Beach in Gokarna, Karnataka


India Visa Paradise Beach in Gokarna

Known as a Hindu pilgrimage town, Gokarna is also full of white sandy beaches and coconut and palm trees and is quickly becoming popular among tourists who are looking to spend a holiday at a beach. Paradise Beach in Gokarna, also known as the Full Moon Beach, is one of the most famous beaches in Karnataka and gets tourists year round. Covered in rocks and the whitest of sands, the calm waters of the beach are great for swimming and spending some serene time away from the fast paced world outside. Many tourists also camp on the beach occasionally. In order to reach this beach, however, you’d have to first go to some of Gokarna’s other beaches and take a motor boat from there. But it’s a win-win since you’ll get to more beautiful beaches this way.


Kashid, Maharashtra

India Visa Kashid Maharashtra


Situated in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, this beach town is full of white sandy beaches, mighty mountains, and Casuarina trees. If you’re visiting India and want a quick weekend vacation this is your place. You can visit Kashid Beach on the coast of Arabian Sea, where you can indulge in water sports, swimming, camping, and even horse riding. You can also go to Revdanda Beach where you’ll also find the ruins of a Portuguese fort by the same name and can both get to see history as well as enjoy the beauty of the place.

Puri Beach, Orissa

India Visa Puri Beach Orissa


This beach on the coast of Bay of Bengal is one of the most popular beaches amongst tourists visiting West Bengal or Orissa in India. Puri itself is a town popular amongst hippies and backpackers and the beach too gets a lot of that crowd. The beach is located near the Jagannath Temple and so gets a lot of pilgrims as visitors too. The beach is famous for its golden sand and the sand sculptures by a famous international sand artist which are based on religious or mythological themes. It’s one of the most unique beaches in India and definitely worth a visit if you are a tourist in India.

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